Hi! I'm Mu, a product designer who builds products to make people's life easier.

Gmail for Personal helps [users] process personal emails easier
Redesign, Information Processing
ASUS Mobile GUI Theme Editor helps [designers] create a theme pack easier
Onwership, Tool Design & Development
Flexible Design System helps [developers] build diverse web templates easier
Onwership, Design Library & Strategy
Hygge Trip Planner enables [travelers] to customize and book a trip easier
Side Project, Personalization, Integrative System
Amazon Web Redesign helps [users] make purchase decisions easier
Redesign, eCommerce Web, Information Processing
ASUS ZenUI Theme Packs enable [users] to apply their lifestyle on mobile devices easier
Creation, Personalization, Visual
Chat Center helps [business] communicate with customers easier
Onwership, Enterprise System
Goose is the new god in 2222. A myth for the future about goose.
Side Project, Illustration

About me

I'm a product designer who also love codes (p.s. I build this portfolio website from scratch). I have 5 years of working experience in product design. In 2020, I earned my master degree in product design(MIIPS) from Carnegie Mellon University. Previously, I worked at ASUS, Royal Image, and ETtoday. I designed multiple products like -
B2B Products: Forms/Process Builder, Online Editor, File-sharing Website, Chat System, Project Management System.
B2C Products: Government License Portal, e-Commerce Websites, News Blogs, Mobile Themes(ASUS), Travel App, Email App.
Design Tools: Design Systems, Theme Templates/Guidelines.
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