Mu - Senior Product Designer - 7 Years of Exp.

I am passionate about crafting seamless and visually pleasing user experiences that also deliver tangible value to the business.

mujiunshie@gmail.comLinkedin ↗ Resume ↗ Designed and coded by Mu

Google Search Ads - Local Shopping, Vehicle, New Deployment

Product Strategy, UI/UX Design, Monetization

Maryland DNR License Portal - Discovery Journey, Web Framework

Product Strategy, UI/UX Design

Design System & Specs Built for Everyone (from 4 Work Experiences)

Design System, Collaboration

ASUS ZenUI Theme Editor

Product Strategy, UI/UX Design, Front-End Coding

Gmail for Personal

Product Strategy, UI/UX Design

Hygge Trip Planner

Product Strategy, UI/UX Design

Amazon Web Redesign

UI/UX Design

ASUS ZenUI Theme Packs

Visual Design, Content Strategy